Telephone/Telephonic Visit

Christ Community is now offering Telephonic Visits

What is a telephonic visit:

For telephonic visits, patients are scheduled for a phone call the day they make an appointment and their provider will call the patient on their phone.

You can set up your scheduled visit by calling our Customer Care Center at 901-842-3160. Jackson patients, please call (731) 540-0330.

  1. First, call for an appointment. You will be added to a call list for that day.
  2. Please be available at the designated appointment time.

    Please have these items readily available for your call:

  • Insurance information
  • Prescription information
  • Email
  1. Once you receive your call from your provider, please be very specific about symptoms you may be experiencing.
  2. If a prescription is needed, your provider can send it directly to the pharmacy of your choice.
  3. Possible paper work needed.
Telephonic visits are held to the same privacy standards of a regular office visit. Your phone call visit is convenient to you, confidential, and secure. If the provider is unable to treat your symptoms through Telephonic visit, you will be asked to make a traditional visit.

Locations Providing This Service

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