Urban Medical Year Internship

Apply for our Urban Medical Year Internship.

The urban medical year intern spends approximately one year working full-time alongside providers as a scribe and also completing a unique medical advancement curriculum.  While scribing, urban medical year interns see faith-based primary care through a provider's eyes. While doing advancement work, interns feel the heartbeat of the underserved by participating in neighborhood activities and thinking the thoughts of community leaders through guided readings and one-on-one meetings.

Meet the 2021-22 Urban Medical Year Interns

Meet the 2022-23 Urban Medical Year Interns

  • Rolling applications during the academic year (summer to summer)
  • Application cutoff of mid-April for entry into the upcoming academic year
  • Employment start cutoff before mid-August to join the current academic year
  • Employment end cutoff after June 1st to complete prior academic year
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We offer an opportunity to ignite medicine and missions into one life-giving career.

Christ Community Health Services provides high-quality health care to the underserved in the context of distinctively Christian service.  We recognize that Jesus Christ is the true healer of individuals and their communities and the source of our ability to serve.

This internship is paid with benefits. Come join our mission!

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