Student Rotation - Medical

Experience healthcare for the urban underserved, as you work alongside a preceptor in the context of distinctively Christian service. Learn what it looks like to point Jesus as both the source of ability and the true healer, by incorporating spiritual practices into healthcare.

Applications are required for all rotations, including shadowing. Due to a large number of applications for only a limited number of slots, we regret that we are unable to accommodate every student who applies. NOTE: Residents (PGY)--please contact us directly to discuss specific opportunities/accommodations.

Rotation Start Dates
Application Deadline
Med Ed Comm Meets
Students Hear Back By
Aug 1 - Dec 31
Feb 15
1st week of Mar
Early Apr
Jan 2 - Apr 30
Jul 15
1st week of Aug
Early Sep
May 1 - Jul 31
Nov 15
1st week of Dec
Early Jan
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