Do you want to serve the Lord while learning from Christian behavioral healthcare providers who care for the underserved in Memphis? Are you interested in seeing how Behavioral Health functions within a medical setting? Discover how to provide behavioral health services to the urban poor while also fulfilling your school's educational requirements.  We'd love for you to catch the vision and mission of CCHS! 

We are happy to offer clinical rotations for graduate level counseling and clinical psychology students.  We also host shadowing opportunities for undergraduate students interested in future behavioral health careers.  Everyone who rotates or shadows with us at CCHS is required to complete the behavioral health student application prior to consideration. 

Our goal is to teach you how to view patients holistically, considering their needs physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.  We seek to address these needs through sound medical advice, empirically supported behavioral health treatments, prayer and wise counsel based on biblical principles. We are happy to mentor students who are excited to learn more about caring medically for the urban underserved in Memphis. 

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are reviewed by the Chair of Behavioral Health and other members of the CCHS Behavioral Health team.  Due to the large number of student applications received, we are unable to accommodate every student who applies.  All applications must be received at least 60 days prior to the intended start date of the clinical rotation/shadowing opportunity.  Qualified applicants will be invited to interview prior to selection decisions being made. 

Click here to download the application. Please email it toto Dr. Tara Samples, Clinical Training Director for Behavioral Health, at tara.samples@christchs.org. 

CLINICAL ROTATION (for Master’s and doctoral students in counseling or clinical psychology requiring CREDIT for their hours spent with us)

Practicum and Internship

  • Practicum typically includes 12-15 hours per week over the course of a semester or more, as indicated by your institution
  • Master’s level internships typically include 40 hours per week over the course of a semester or could be divided into 20 hours per week over the course of a year, as indicated by your institution
  • The student will be assigned to one of the Christ Community sites with Integrated Behavioral Health Services- currently offered at: Frayser, Raleigh, Broad Avenue, Third Street, and Hickory Hill.  Placement will be determined by the Chair of Behavioral Health based on staff availability, space, and student preference at the time of placement.
  • Supervision will be provided by one of our Behavioral Health Consultants, who are either Psychologists- with Health Service Provider designation, Licensed Professional Counselors, or Licensed Clinical Social Workers.  Direct face-to-face supervision will be provided one hour per week and then as needed in between on difficult cases.
  • The student will be given the opportunity to shadow the supervisor as they provide Integrated Behavioral Health services in a Primary Care setting in order to gain exposure to more brief interventions and health psychology.
  • The student will be assigned individual, couple, and family cases for traditional outpatient psychotherapy services and will be expected to provide empirically-supported treatments under the guidance of their supervisor.
  • Students will have the opportunity to work with patients from a variety of backgrounds and ages including children, adolescents, adults, and older adults.
  • Students will gain experience with empirically supported mental health screening tools.
  • Students will have the opportunity to co-facilitate group-based interventions for either mental health or behavioral health concerns, alongside their supervisor.
  • Spiritual Health and Discipleship Training, 1/2 day per week (for four weeks of rotation) with our pastoral staff
  • Shadow our Spiritual Health Advisors one day per rotation
  • You will need to complete EMR training and HR clearances (drug screen, background check, etc.) prior to starting in one of our offices.  These are typically done on the second Wednesday of each month.  We recommend that you bring your own electronic device so that you're able to view patient charts and write your own notes.
SHADOWING OPPORTUNITIES (for undergraduate students interested in future behavioral health careers)

• We may be able to accommodate varying lengths of time, and understand that most students prefer to join us over holiday breaks or summer vacation time.

• You will be paired with a Behavioral Health Consultant at CCHS who will serve as your preceptor, but may also rotate with other Behavioral Health Consultants within the CCHS system for variety depending on duration of shadowing experience.

• You are invited to participate in Discipleship Training for 1/2 day per week (for four consecutive weeks).

• You will need to complete HR clearances prior to starting in our offices (drug screen, background check, etc).



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