Thank you so much for desiring a partnership with us for the good of Christ’s Kingdom! Matthew 4:23 & 9:35 tells us that Jesus’ ministry was characterized by three things: preaching, teaching, and healing sickness and disease. We are eager to be an extension of your church’s ministry. By partnering together, you will have the opportunity to receive new visitors into your church and serve them through what you are already doing. Additionally, we want to serve your church’s healthcare needs through our healthcare clinics and by serving as a resource for your church. Together we will see our communities healthier in every way!

Here is how it works:

How You Will Receive Visitors:

We interact with patients about their spiritual life on a daily basis. Through our Spiritual Health Advisors alone, we will interact with 20,000 patients this year. Beyond this, countless more spiritual conversations will take place through our staff and health providers. One persistent need we see is a desire for a healthy, local church. Because they have developed trust with us, they ask us to refer them to a great church. That is where you come in. When we refer someone to your church, we would like to give a representative from your church the patient’s contact information to provide follow-up spiritual care. Your church’s representative will communicate with them before they come to church, help them make it to a worship service or event at the church, and be proactive to make this person feel at home.

Additionally, we will have a “Church Card” in our exam room that our staff can use to advertise about your church and encourage patients to attend.

How We Will Meet Your Church’s Healthcare Needs:

We care for patients holistically by offering medical/primary care, dental, pharmacy, behavioral and spiritual care to our patients (as well as HIV and refugee services). We take everyone regardless of employment, insurance or ability to pay and do so through 8 clinics in 7 communities around Memphis. Not only do our healthcare providers have a heart to share the gospel, but we have ministry-trained missionaries sharing their Christ every single day in our clinics which also sets us apart from other similar organizations. So, you can be sure that when you have a healthcare need, not only will a person receive high-quality healthcare, but will get distinctively Christian care. We would like to be your provider of choice and your resource for whatever you need related to healthcare.

We would be honored to come and share at your church about any healthcare topics or serve at your church’s health fair.

Below, you will find the steps to become a Spiritual Health Partner Church with CCHS. To get started, all we need is for fill out the form under “Spiritual Health Partner Church Agreement.” Thank you for your partnership for Christ’s Kingdom here in Memphis. We look forward to seeing how God uses your church to impact patients. If we can serve you or your congregation with healthcare, please do not hesitate to let us know.

In Christ alone,

Rev. Dr. Jim Shultz (MDiv, DMin)
Chief Spiritual Health Officer

How to Become a Spiritual Health Partner Church

Step 1: Agreement (Bottom of the Page)

Once you request an agreement below, we will ask that an officer of the church sign a documnt stating that you are entering into a partnership with us. By signing, you allow us to share patient information (with the patient's permission) with your designated representative. As a healthcare organization, HIPAA laws reequire tht our organization protiect patient information. While churchs are not subject to HIPAA laws, we ask that you agree to do your best to protect our patients as well.

Request Agreement

Step 2: Identify a Representative

You will appoint a representative of your church who will be the point of contact for patient referrals for CCHS. This person should meet the following qualifications:

  • Be a Believer in and Follower of Jesus Christ
  • A member and regular attendee of your church
  • Approved by you as a church officer to serve your church’s representative
  • Commits to maintaining patient privacy as stated in the signed agreement


Step 3: Provide Contact Information

Provide the Spiritual Health Advisor of CCHS the contact information for your church’s designated representative. We would ask that the representative take the time to tour our clinic and meet the Spiritual Health Advisor within the first 90 days. If you need to change your representative at any time, just contact us.

Additionally, we would like to have information about your church that we can share on “church cards” in our exam rooms. This will allow us to advertise for your church and allow patients to elect to come to your church on their own outside of the referral process.

Step 4: Follow-up with Patient Referrals

Once we have the contact information for your church’s representative, we will refer patients directly to them. How your church and representative choose to care for the patient is up to you, but we ask that you make contact with all referrals within 10 days.

Step 5: Consider Opportunities for Further Partnership:

Opportunities In Our Clinics 
  • Anyone from your church is welcomed to come and tour our clinics. We would love to introduce you to the ministry of CCHS and how we can be an extension of your ministry.
  • Volunteer as a greeter in one of our clinics offering a welcoming presence and prayer for those who desire it and invite patients to attend services
  • Coordinate and/or lead a church-sponsored Bible study in one of our clinics and recruit patients from the waiting room
  • Coordinate a team of people to offer refreshments or free items for our patients in the waiting room on a regular, consistent basis
Opportunities in Your Church:
  • Encourage your congregation to choose CCHS to receive healthcare in the name of Jesus Christ
  • Allow us to come and share about our services during one of your regular gatherings/services
  • Pray for our patients, staff and clinics as we striv to bring healing and salvation through healthcare.
  • Give financially to the spiritual health ministry to support our ongoing evangelism in our health centers.
  • If there are any other ways we can serve, please do not hesitate to let us know

Spiritual Health Partner Agreement

Please fill out the form below to receive the Spiritual Health Partner Agreement.

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