Life Story Pre-Natal Care

Life Story is an OB doctor’s appointment and so much more. Life Story appointments combine excellent prenatal care from a skilled OB provider with opportunities for support and friendship from other expectant mothers.

The Life Story Prenatal Curriculum celebrates the story God is beginning with each new pregnancy and is continually writing for each expectant mother. Life Story offers health care for a woman’s body, mind, and spirit.

During the appointment women receive a one-on-one exam and the opportunity to learn and share their own wisdom with others in a group session facilitated by their OB provider. Some topics discussed in Life Story include:

  • Healthy Habits in Pregnancy
  • Managing Common Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Communication in Relationships
  • Stress Management and Stress Relief
  • Birth Control and Family Planning
  • Caring for a Newborn
  • Preparing for Labor and Delivery

Questions and Answers

How are women organized in groups?

Mothers are grouped based on their expected due dates. This allows them to share many of the common experiences they will have during their pregnancy. Mothers are also grouped by location and schedules when needed.

Will these visits count as my prenatal care visit?

Yes. The group visits are your prenatal visits with your healthcare provider. They include everything that a woman receives with traditional one-on-one care plus the group discussion and education format. You do not have to schedule extra appointments unless your OB provider needs to see you more often. Life Story appointments are automatically scheduled for you at the same intervals as traditional prenatal care appointments.

What if I need to be seen during a time not scheduled for a group meeting?

You are always welcome to see your OB provider outside of Life Story for a traditional appointment when needed.

How do I join?

It’s easy! Please ask your health care provider to refer you to Life Story during your appointment. A Life Story Nurse will then call you to help find a group that works for you. You may also email to request more information.

Can I bring someone with me?

Expectant mothers are welcome to bring fathers or other support persons with them to their first group appointment. At that time, mothers discuss and decide for themselves the degree to which friends and family members participate in future appointments. Most groups welcome support persons throughout the pregnancy. The important roles of father-figures and mentors in a child’s life are highlighted during Session 9 and if father-figures have participated in Life Story they are encouraged to come at that time.

I’m not pregnant. How can I support this important program?

There are multiple ways to support Life Story at Christ Community Health Services. Please email Meredith Pace at or call at (901) 260-8511 to learn more. Thank you for your interest!

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