We recognize that Jesus Christ is the true healer and the reason for everything we do.


Christ Community Health Services began as a dream of four medical students who shared a vision of providing healthcare in the name of Jesus to the underserved.   

The vision of our four founding doctors, Rick Donlon, David Pepperman, Karen Miller and Steven Besh resulted in the formation of Christ Community Health Services. Since opening the first health center in 1995, our mission has been to provide high quality healthcare to the underserved in the context of distinctively Christian service.  We strategically enter Memphis communities that, over time, have become deficient in resources and services. Residents of these communities lack access to quality healthcare and often manageable health issues go untreated or undiagnosed.  Through God’s calling, Christ Community is standing in the gap, delivering quality healthcare and spiritual healing.

When our patients enter our health centers we want them to experience the hope, love and healing that our staff offers in the name of Jesus Christ.    From the first strategically placed health center on Third Street, to today’s many locations the passion, mission and vision has not changed.   


Everyone who enters our centers is treated with dignity and respect.  We offer each patient spiritual healing and the opportunity to share in prayer.  We believe that Jesus Christ is the true healer and with his guidance and comfort we can provide physical and spiritual healing. 

Today, Christ Community is one of the largest Christian Health Centers in the nation and the largest primary healthcare provider in Shelby County.   Combined, our health centers serve over 56,573 patients with over 181,259 patient visits annually. At each of our centers, our staff works with the patients and the community to actively address health issues within the areas severed while serving as a resource for health education and community support.  Christ Community strives to maintain visibility within the communities through consistent involvement in community based civic and religious organizations.


Who We Are

Our Passion – Fulling the physical, spiritual, emotional needs of the underserved, the uninsured, and the homeless in Memphis

Our Vision – Glorifying God and expanding His kingdom among underserved and unreached people

Our Mission – Providing high quality healthcare to the underserved in the context of distinctively Christian service. We recognize that Jesus Christ is the true healer of individuals and their communities and the source of our ability to serve.


Our Values

Service:  We are committed to serving our patients, their families and all who enter out doors with grace and compassion just as Jesus Christ would have shown.  (Mark 10:45, Luke 6:30-31)

Excellence:  We strive to provide quality healthcare and excellence to all our patients, regardless of their circumstances, in the context of distinctively Christian service. (Colossians 3:23)          

Faithfulness: We are faithful in carrying out our responsibility to serve the community and share our blessings with others. (Matthew 24:14-30)          

Unity: “We work to advance the mission and message of Jesus Christ to the community. We share our talents and gifts in our work to provide quality services to the underserved.” (1 Corinthians 1:10)

Christ Community Health Services is an FTCA deemed facility, whereby it has medical malpractice liability protection through the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) to HRSA-supported health centers. Under the Act, health centers are considered Federal employees and are immune from lawsuits, with the Federal government acting as their primary insurer.

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